Egypt Human Development Report 2010

01 Jan 2010

Report Summary

The Egypt Human Development Report (EHDR) for 2010 was prepared by a core group led by Heba Handoussa, with the participation of a multidisciplinary team of 26 authors, and in collaboration with Egypt’s Institute of National Planning, the Ministry of Economic Development, and the National Council for Youth. Young people in Egypt were also actively involved in preparing and contributing at all stages of the report. A draft of the report was presented for comment at a youth conference held at Cairo University in March 2010 and hosting over 1500 attendees from across Egypt. This same draft was reviewed by a team of six distinguished readers whose comments were incorporated into the material available. A small team of eight young Egyptians conducted numerous focus groups with their peers and subsequently contributed a full chapter to the report themselves. Many chapters also provide young peoples’ views and proposals through direct quotations.


  • According to the 2006 census, approximately 40 percent of Egyptians are between the ages of 10 and 29. The 2010 EHDR analyses the opportunities and constraints facing youth from a human development perspective.
  • The Report showcases success stories of youth-centred initiatives, programmes, and projects, calling for greater consultation and communication among young people, the Government and civil society.
  • The Report highlights Nine Main Messages to ensure youth’s inclusion and full participation in society.

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