Innovative solutions to improve livelihoods in host communities of Syrian refugees in Egypt

This project aims to address the urgent needs of host communities through partnering with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and NGOs in Alexandria, Giza, and Qalyubia ―three governorates with the…  

The RED SEA: Protecting the World’s LAST Coral Refuge

Due to the Red Sea’s coral thermal resistance, conservationists can utilize the corals to find global solutions for coral bleaching, creating hope for a future that includes our seas.  

HELLO, SUNSHINE: Imagining a World with Renewable Energy

Now imagine life on Earth powered 100% by renewable energy resources, such as solar energy.  

Egypt Walk for Inclusion: Access to Assistive Technologies can help millions of Persons with Disabilities to live independently and with dignity

At the foot of the iconic Giza Pyramids in Egypt on 18 December, key Egyptian public figures, Government officials, athletes, and persons with disabilities (PWDs) gathered to participate in Egypt’s…  

Rationalizing the New Normal through Foresight

COVID-19 has added to existing inequalities and created new ones, hitting the most vulnerable people the hardest. So, what will the ‘new normal’ look like?  

Bringing-to-light: “ECO EGYPT” - Egypt’s Hidden Gems

“Ecotourism Experiences”, combines tourism conservation practices along with an enjoyable human experience through ECO EGYPT.  

Artificial Intelligence is leaving no one behind: Accessible Chatbot for deaf and hearing-impaired persons

Wasel, which means in Arabic connected, is an automated testing service that uses chatbot and artificial intelligence technology in sign language to enable access to information for the hearing…  

How can we encourage positive behaviors during a pandemic?

UNDP Egypt’s Innovation Lab is working to encourage positive behavior change during the pandemic to reduce and mitigate the risks of COVID-19.  

Women in Upper Egypt stepping up to stop the spread of COVID-19

Upper Egypt Women are producing medical masks to help combat the spread of COVID-19  

Untouchable Digital Business Cards for UNDP Personnel in Egypt

Digital Transformation at the time of COVID-19  

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