The Launch of the Regional Young Leadership Programme 3 (YLP3)

Dec 2, 2017

Good morning all,

I am pleased to be with you today to launch this regional workshop aiming at exploring the ways to accelerate innovative solutions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals within the framework of UNDP's Third Young Leadership Programme (YLP3).

Let me, first, congratulate you all on your success in the selection process to participate in this workshop, which has adopted unique and precise competitive criteria called for by the purpose of this workshop, which is to motivate young women and men to create and innovate in order to promote the implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, with its 17 goals. Congratulations for being present with us today, and we all look forward to an active, enriching and productive participation.

Dear participants,

Through the YLP 3, UNDP is seeking to invest in youth of the Arab region and to provide sufficient space that is instrumental in enhancing their potential and capacity, and unleashing their energies, thereby empowering them as social innovators, leaders and a positive force towards achieving change in their communities, countries and the Arab region in general.

In its first phase, the programme brought together 40 young men and women from 18 Arab countries to Jordan in 2015, in order to enhance their creativity capacities and develop their leadership skills, and to provide them with an opportunity to develop ideas that aim to improve their communities and help them to shape these ideas within the framework of innovative and effective community initiatives.

The success of the programme has continued with the enrollment of nearly 700 young men and women from 11 Arab countries to its second phase; they were all selected on the basis of precise technical standards and were supported in the development of national creative ideas over a year, of which the most creative and innovative were presented in a regional activity held in Kuwait at the end of 2016.

We are now in the third phase of the YLP, where we build on your successes, continuing to work on supporting and assisting you in serving your communities, countries and region in an innovative spirit and in reaching the quality of life you are looking for.

Young women and men,

This workshop is part of the role of young women and men in promoting the implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda adopted by the world leaders at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City in 2015. The Sustainable Development Agenda and its 17 goals put great importance to responding to the priorities and needs of young people; You are an essential component in addressing the challenges facing the development process in the world, the Arab region, your countries and communities; and you are able, with your passion and skills, to contribute effectively to the advancement of sustainable development.

We, at UNDP, are seeking to assist in developing a framework for a sustainable development plan within the context of your needs, aspirations and hopes, by refining youth skills and enhancing your creativity in this area, in order to be futuristic youth and leaders in addressing the challenges you face and facing your communities, and leaving your footprint in achieving the sustainable development.

Dear Participants,

Our Arab countries face many challenges that may frustrate all exerted efforts to achieve development; Your role, as young women and men, being the wealth of this region, is to work to address them and harness its resources and the opportunities available there, which are many and rich, for the better.

Yes, the Sustainable Development Goals seeks to respond to your needs, yet you are responsible for finding solutions that use the potential of the Arab region towards achieving this agenda in a creative and innovative way. This is our methodology in the YLP 3; Innovation comes from working with national and local resources, and our ability to develop solutions that harmonize our culture, our heritage and our rich Arab history, that promote the principles of equality, advancement of women role, coexistence, community cohesion and others, inspired by global and regional knowledge and experience.

Our message here is to get out of the traditional concept of leadership, and every young woman and young man should realize, through learning, sharing and networking, her/his distinctive and effective role in her/his society, which requires creativity and innovation to help her/his society achieve the desired development.

Dear young women and men,

Our presence here today is merely a step towards refining your ability to find innovative solutions that accelerate the achievement of the SDGs. Your participation over the next five days will be based on learning, sharing, interaction, and intellectual and moral competition, not the material one, to reach with the result to creative solutions in this area that can be materialized on the ground in the future. I wish you all a full benefit.

In conclusion, allow me to thank you all, and to thank my colleagues who are in charge of the YLP 3 and my colleagues from all UNDP offices for their continuous work and unique effort as an integrated team to reach this workshop.

I wish you every success.

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