Farmers access new sources of energy in Egypt

Dec 14, 2016

Hamada Hassan, a farmer in Fayoum governorate in Upper Egypt. Like many farmers in Upper Egypt, they still use outdated agricultural practices and rely on expensive sources of energy which hinder rural development and negatively impact the environment, a key influencer in their lives. However, Hamada’s experience in agriculture was different due to the BioEnergy for Sustainable Rural Development project implemented jointly by UNDP and the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency.

Hamada said “I heard about this project which turns manure into natural gas. The fertilizer I get from the manure is excellent for farming, Now I have plenty of both superphosphate and urea fertilizer, I planted one part with the fertilizer and the other part without which clearly showed the difference and how good the part with the fertilizer was”

The objective of this project is to remove the technical, institutional, informational, financial and other market barriers to the increasing use of biomass energy in promoting sustainable rural development in Egypt. It tackles Goal 7 in the SDGS which is ensuring environmental sustainability

“UNDP is tackling two issues; one is the life of women who are in charge of feeding their families and the dependency on the peotane gas and the impact that prices increases have on the domestic economy “ said Ignacio Artaza, Country Director.

Household beneficiaries of the project also shared their stories; Aziza and Hussein said “ This project is very good for us, very fruitful. We supplied the concrete and the Ministry of Environment supplied all the rest. They supplied the workers, the gas tanks, tubing, and it is working and saved us a lot of money”

UNDP’s BioEnergy for Sustainable Rural Development project turns animal waste into biogas, an alternative and cheaper source of energy. In addition to providing affordable clean energy solutions, this project helps rural women as they usually have to walk long distances and wait long hours to obtain .The project has a wide geographic coverage and has succeeded in building 700+ biogas digester units that are functioning well and producing gas and bioslurry (bio-fertilizer) that meets the satisfaction of the beneficiaries (rural households).

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