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 Omar Samra, first Egyptian to ski to the North Pole and complete the Explorers Grand Slam. Source: Omar Samra Official Facebook Page

The Adventurer Omar Samra

Omar Samra is the first Egyptian and youngest Arab to climb Mount Everest, climb to the highest peak in every continent (‘the 7 Summits’) and complete the Explorers’ Grand Slam by skiing to the South and North Poles. He is set to become Egypt’s first Astronaut. Once completed, he will become the first human in history to complete the both the Explorers’ Grand Slam and travel to Space.

Omar Samra and UNDP Egypt

Adventurer Omar Samra has been appointed as UNDP Egypt’s national Goodwill Ambassador to promote and advocate for environment’s protection and youth empowerment. Omar Samra will generate support to the newly adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are 17 global goals to shape our future in the next 15 years.

Adventurer Omar Samra is acclaimed for his social engagement and passion for nature and travelIn his young yet successful career he has managed to become the first Egyptian to complete the 7-Summits and the Explorers’ Grand Slam, set up an adventure travel company as well as engaged in numerous philanthropic activities for children.  Omar Samra will lend his influence and expertise to promote environmental protection, climate change awareness, youth empowerment and the support of sustainable development goals.

In addition to the promotion of sustainable development, Omar will advocate for the protection of environment, calling for people’s responsible behavior towards nature while enjoying it. Climate change is on top of the agenda to raise awareness on its impact and ways to deal with it.  He will also play a critical role in encouraging Egyptian youth to work, innovate and think of new ideas to solve the most pressing development issues in their communities.

UNDP and Omar Samra will work together for the next two years on a number of initiatives in an effort to increase sustainability, promote and explore the protected areas in Egypt and encourage youth to become agents of change through entrepreneurship and innovation.


Photo 1 Omar Samra AppointmentUNDP Egypt Goodwill Ambassador Omar Samra receiving appointment certificate from UNDP Country Director Ignacio Artaza. Abdallah Emad/UNDP Egypt

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