Gender equality

While there are some positive trends in gender equality in Egypt, yet many areas of concern remain. We support national partners to accelerate the progress towards gender equality and the empowerment women. We contribute to national development results and the reduction of gender disparities, to guarantee that women are present and their voices heard within government institutions, civil society and the private sector, to enable them to engage equally in public dialogue and decision-making processes. Progress have been witnessed where women earned 87 seats which is the highest in Egypt’s history. Women is also expected to be represented in the local councils where the constitution indicated a 25% quota for women. These are positive signs for women’s political representation.

Our Goals

Gender equality and the empowerment of women are central to UNDP’s work and mandate, and a mean for attaining the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We work on improving the lives of women and their access to social, economic and legal rights. Globally, UNDP supports international and national efforts to mainstream gender, making women’s and men’s concerns and experiences an integral dimension in all our areas of work guided by UNDP’s Gender Equality Strategy 2014 - 2017. Our premise is that countries will not be able to fulfill their development potential without promoting gender equality.more

Women at one of the 70 villages who made a strong stance against female genital mutilationmore

Our Stories

Participants and Organizers group Photo. UNDP/ Abdel Hamid Ezzat
The Other Side of the Story: Engaging Men and Boys as Champions in Combatting Violence against Women

Building on the gained momentum of Egypt’s first innovation camp on violence against women (VAW)— fashioned by UNDP in cooperation with the National Council for Womenmore 


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Projects and Initiatives

  • The Joint Programme builds on the various successes of the first phase “FGM-Free Village Model” and works in an integrated fashion bringing all of the relevant UN Agencies and relevant government counterparts to work together towards a national strategy to combat FGM coupled with a strong family empowerment package to empower families socially and economically.more 

  • The integrated programme is implemented through UNDP, UN Women and UNFPA, and will help to address the different multi-faceted challenges that are facing women and young girls in Egypt through supporting a number of initiatives targeting three pillars of women’s empowerment including social, legal and economic empowerment.more 

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