Gender Equality
  • The Joint Programme builds on the various successes of the first phase “FGM-Free Village Model” and works in an integrated fashion bringing all of the relevant UN Agencies and relevant government counterparts to work together towards a national strategy to combat FGM coupled with a strong family empowerment package to empower families socially and economically.

  • In partnership with the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency, the objective of this project is to remove the technical, institutional, informational, financial and other market barriers to the increasing use of biomass energy in promoting sustainable rural development in Egypt.

  • The integrated programme is implemented through UNDP, UN Women and UNFPA, and will help to address the different multi-faceted challenges that are facing women and young girls in Egypt through supporting a number of initiatives targeting three pillars of women’s empowerment including social, legal and economic empowerment.

  • The project aims to support the National Council for Women (NCW) to combat violence against women (VAW) in Egypt. Through the project, UNDP will work with the state and government institutions, namely, the National Council for Women (NCW), Ministries of Interior and Justice in addition to UN Women and UNFPA as well as relevant NGOs. The project will help raise awareness on VAW through media, develop innovative tools and applications to support societal engagement and to connect the various stakeholders to further law enforcement.

  • Elections give people a voice in the democratic process. In Egypt, the electoral process is an essential step in the transition period to consolidate the path to democracy. The purpose of this project is to support national efforts to enhance the credibility and sustainability of electoral institutions and processes, with a particular emphasis on capacity development and women’s empowerment.

  • The Ministry attaches high priority to the development of the judicial as well as the administrative capacity of courts which is to be achieved through continuous training and exposure to international best practices and comparative experiences.

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