Strategic Development Plan for Greater Cairo Region 2050

What is this project about?


Given the importance of the region as the urban, political, social and economic capital of Egypt and one of the largest urban agglomerations in the world, the project's main objective is to develop a vision for Cairo till 2050 using a participatory approach. It is also designed to prepare detailed plans for priority subsidiary projects with national significance such as the urban development and upgrading of the north sector of Giza city as a new approach for public-private partnership in informal settlements and prevention of growth of further slums. Moreover, it seeks to establish the Local Urban Observatory Unit for Greater Cairo Region as a monitoring mechanism for urban development to support the development of future urban policies in addition to strengthening the capacity of local actors in Participatory and Strategic Planning, Management and Implementation.

What have we accomplished so far?

  • A communication strategy was developed for the project to increase project outreach and communication with all stakeholders
  • The vision for Greater Cairo is being finalized to be shared with stakeholders for national dialogue
  • Detailed studies were prepared for a number of urban areas such as the cemeteries area of Salah Salem and Manshiet Nasser, Saqqara Avenue, Al-Matareya and Al-Warraq Island
  • Feasibility studies were developed for the revitalization and upgrading of the central zone of Khedivian Cairo
  • Strategic master plans were developed for the Giza Pyramids area, Nazlet Al-Semman area,  and Al-Fustat area
  • A National Urban Observatory, a coordinating body responsible for collecting and analyzing data to compute urban indicators (thus generating information needed to support decision-makers in the processes of development planning and management of human settlements), has been established.

Who finances this project?

The General Organization for Physical Planning (GOPP)



Delivery in previous fiscal year

USD 416,187

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