Adaptation to Climate Change in the Nile Delta Through Integrated Coastal Zone Management

What is the project about?

 Sand traps as part of the pilot project. Photo by the project team.

The project aims to integrate the management of Sea Level Rise (SLR) risks into the development of Egypt’s Low Elevation Coastal Zone (LECZ) in the Nile Delta. It is done through strengthening the regulatory framework and institutional capacity to improve resilience of coastal settlements and development infrastructure, implement innovative and environmentally friendly measures that facilitate and promote adaptation in the Nile Delta, and establish a monitoring and assessment framework and knowledge management systems on adaptation.

What have we accomplished so far?

  • Trained approximately 60 member of staff in 7 governmental authorities on
    • Basics of Coastal Engineering
    • Numerical Modelling Applications for Coastal Engineering
    • Delft3d numerical model
    • Time series data analysis
  • The above training was undertaken to build the capacity and increase knowledge of staff in dealing with climate change impacts in the Nile Delta and coastal areas.
  • Implemented three options for adapting to sea level rise in the Nile delta. The performance of these options against storms will be assessed during the next storm season and based on this assessment, the best option(s) will be identified and used to protect the low land in this part of the Nile Delta.  
  • Currently implementing pilot site 1. In this pilot the dredged material from the approach channel of Damietta Port is used to nourish the nearby eroded beaches. This is a more cost effective solution as this material used to be dumped in the deep water (i.e. wasted). It is now being used for nourishment so was converted from a waste to a resource. This dredged material includes black sand which –if extracted- can provide an income to the country.
  • Complete design for the National Observation System for Oceanographic Parameters for the North Coast of Egypt  and currently procuring equipment for the system.
  • Contracted an international consultant to undertake Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) scoping study to initiate the process of producing an ICZM plan for the North Coast of Egypt.

Who finances this project?

Global Environment Facility

Government of Egypt

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)


What is the project budget?

$16,838,060 (including government in kind and parallel funding)

Delivery in previous fiscal year

$289,620.18 (2015)

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