Sustainable Development Goals - MAPS Engagement for Egypt 2018-2019

Apr 26, 2020

This publication is part of UNDP efforts to accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable development Goals (SDGs) and to find holistic, balanced solutions to complex development problems, using data-intensive forward-looking modelling and forecasting of complex systems. The policy choices made in Egypt today shape in a non-linear fashion the country’s SDG trajectories in the future, and its ultimately ability to meet the development goals outlined in the SDGs and its national Vision 2030.

The policy note takes policymakers through Egypt-specific interlinkages between the different SDGs and using long-term projections with over 4,000 historical data series and comparing development outcomes of SDGs identifies SDG accelerators that perform best over the 2030 and 2050 horizons. The note also examines policy actions that act as integrators across the three dimensions of sustainability and/or across sectors: education, health, economy, gender, governance, etc., with consideration for synergies and trade-offs. The note was prepared as part of the MAPS Engagement in Egypt, specifically the work package on SDG Integration and Acceleration, led by UNDP in partnership with the World Bank and the University of Denver.

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