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Achievements Report

Pathways to development – UNDP achievements in Egypt

Oct 12, 2016

For over five decades UNDP has been supporting the Egyptian government and people in striving towards sustainable development, providing expert advice at the policy level as well as grassroots interventions on the ground. 

This report takes stock of the key achievements of the past five years, highlighting those results that have helped national authorities and organizations improve the living conditions of millions of Egyptians. These results are also the outcome of exceptional collaboration with the government, state institutions, civil society, academic bodies, the private sector, UN agencies as well as donors and international development agencies. We deeply value the collaboration, trust and support of our partners, without whom these results would not have been achieved. 

‘Pathways to development´ brings together facts, data and statements from beneficiaries, government officials and development partners, all of which testify to the change brought about by UNDP’s work in Egypt. Whether it is creating employment opportunities, providing poor people with access to legal aid, or shifting to efficient and renewable energy sources, at the heart of UNDP’s interventions is people’s empowerment, backed by institutional systems and processes that can respond to their aspirations.

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