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Egypt's Progress Towards Achieving the Millennium Development Goals 2010

Egypt's Progress Towards Achieving the Millennium Development Goals 2010

Feb 28, 2013

Egypt’s commitment for the successful achievement of the Millennium Development Goals is clearly, demonstrated throughout past years, since the endorsement of the Millennium Declaration in 2000. It confirms Egypt’s support to the world vision of a better future for everyone; leading to less poverty and hunger, increasing children accessibility for quality education as well as enhances prospects of healthy life for children, mothers, and other vulnerable groups. This commitment seeks equal opportunities for women at all levels, rational use of national resources and healthier environment as well as building active collaboration with all development partners to create an enabling environment for the MDGs.This follow-up report for Egypt (2010) is the fifth in a series of periodic assessment reports that were prepared in 2002, 2004, 2005 and 2008, to provide evidences of progress and identify bottlenecks/gaps that require different policies and strategies to ensure the possibility of reaching the goals by the specified time.


  • The 2010 report marks an important benchmark since it is only five-years prior to the specified date. It aims to provide up-to-date follow-up of Egypt’s progress toward achieving each of the Millennium Development Goals. Evidence- based indicators, mainly dependent on reliable National statistics, within the best possible limits; in accordance with international standards, would allow tracking progress under each of the eight goals, in order to determine the possibility of successful achievement by the target date.
  • Special efforts were, given to trace the impact of diverse inter-linked global crises on the country and its progress towards achieving the goals. This is being, guided by the documented overall assessment of the worldwide economy, as presented in various reports.

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