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Support women in Upper Egypt produce medical masks

Women in Upper Egypt are working to fight the virus, the current production of masks in Qena is less than 4,000 masks per day.  

The Aswan Forum for Sustainable Peace and Development

The project is to launch the Aswan Forum for Sustainable Peace and Development, which will provide the first of its kind platform to address the inseparable issues of “sustaining peace” and…  

Support to Public Finance Management

The project will improve the effectiveness of MOF’s performance by instigating a strong inclusiveness organizational culture and a result-focus capacity development of the staff.  

Support to North West Coast Development Plan & Mine Action: Phase II

o In partnership with the Ministry of International Cooperation and the Ministry of Defense, this project built on the foundations put and the successes realized during the first phase to further…  

Very Small Users

The objective of this project is support very small PU users in a cost-effective way by: optimizing, validating and disseminating easy to use low cost PU metering equipment and introducing…  

Development of Egypt’s Fourth National Communication

The project will enable Egypt to prepare and submit its Fourth National Communication to the Conference of Parties (CoP) of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in accordance with its…  

Improving Energy Efficiency of Lighting & Building Appliances

The objective of the project is to facilitate a comprehensive market transformation of the Egyptian market towards the use of more energy efficient electric appliances at a level where cost-efficiency…  

Enhancing National Capacities for Improved Public Participation for Implementing Rio Conventions

This project will address the critical priority capacity needs to increase the participation of stakeholders in implementing Multilateral Environmenal Agreements (MEAs)’ obligations committed by the…  

Strengthening Inst. & Hum. Resources Capacities of Ministry of Social Solidarity

The project aims to strengthen MoSS capacity to better deliver social protection services to the poor, women and the disabled.  

Participatory Strategic Planning for Balanced Spatial Development (SPAD)

The project’s overall goal is to enable and implement a balanced spatial development in Egypt.  

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