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Launching the Assistive Technology Incubation Programme to Support, Empower and Integrate Persons with Disabilities into Society

The Assistive Technology Incubation Programme was launched through a call for submissions, opening the door for registrations and calling on Egyptian companies to submit their prototypes of proposed…  

Together with people, government, private sector, and civil society … literally: Reflecting on our launch activities

This official launch wasn’t an item on our onboarding checklist. It was an intended opportunity to engage with the ecosystem, acknowledge our presence, and open room for inspiration, synergies, and…  

Catalyzing Sustainable Development Through the UNDP Egypt Accelerator Lab

“The Future is Calling, we are Answering” sets a great momentum for a glocal network for creativity to pave the way for a better future. “Innovation and resilience are essential to cope with the…  

Launch of the Sustainable Innovation Lab project and the Hackathon for the Cinema Industry and Technology

The project aims to support and develop innovations targeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

Decoding the mystical terms of innovation

As UNDP Egypt Accelerator Lab’s journey kicks off, our mission is to be a fast-learning network on sustainable development challenges and catalysts for change.  

UNDP Arab Virtual Entrepreneurship Exhibition

Together with other technologies - which have recently made accelerated progress- reflect some of the positive outcomes of COVID-19 pandemic, and give reason and hope for a better, more inclusive and…  

Diginclusion Week 2020: Diginclusion Arabic Webinars

2020 is a landmark year for Digital Inclusion, not only because it marks the start of the decade for action to achieve the SDGs, but it is also the year set for realizing 2030 Sustainable Development…  

Rationalizing the New Normal through Foresight

COVID-19 has added to existing inequalities and created new ones, hitting the most vulnerable people the hardest. So, what will the ‘new normal’ look like?  

"The Generation Unlimited" GenU-Youth Challenge 2020" Closing Ceremony

The global initiative (GenU) calls on young innovators to design solutions to improve education, employment and civic engagement.  

Supporting the Supporting Information Technology Institute Activities

The project works towards sustaining a supply of qualified resources thus also at the same time catalyzing demand for qualified resources and creating job opportunities.  

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