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UNDP has actively sought to develop partnerships with other members of the UN Family in Egypt. UN co-ordination has been strengthened and the UN Country Team has been involved in a number of joint inter-agency exercises such as the production of the Common Country Assessment and the UN Partnership Development Framework. In one example of UN collaboration, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) rates continue declining, with a 13% decline according to the latest Health and Demographic Survey, thanks to programmes such as the FGM Abandonment and Family Empowerment Joint Programme, implemented by the National Population Council (NPC) in cooperation with UNICEF, UNDP, UNFPA, UN Women, the General Federation of NGOs, as well as civil society organizations.

With regard to decision-making within the UNDP Egypt Country Office, the Resident Representative is officially accredited to the country and represents the highest level of accountability of the UNDP in Egypt. The Resident Representative delegates authority to various levels of management. Decisions in the office are made by various bodies in UNDP, including the Middle Management Group for setting the direction of the UNDP programme priorities, and the Programme and Operations Teams focusing respectively on project management and financial and human resources.

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