Closing Remarks of the UNDP Resident Representative at the Sub-Regional Forum on “Principles for Independent and Sustainable Electoral Management”

Apr 11, 2012

It is a real pleasure for me to close this Sub-Regional Forum on Principles for Independent and Sustainable Electoral Management, jointly organized by UNDP and IFES.  It is great to see the excellent cooperation between UNDP and IFES for the organization of this meeting.

This event is the first of a series of such for meetings to discuss challenges and opportunities in the electoral administration in complex political transitions, uniting discussions in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya and with an international perspective.  During these three days, representatives from electoral management bodies and other authorities from Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, together with international election experts and practitioners from around the world,  have discussed the founding principles behind effective electoral administration.

Although I did not have the pleasure of attending the entire forum, my team has reported that detailed presentations on various experiences in the region and beyond led to interesting discussions on topics that are of great relevance in the sub-region, in this particular historical moment where hopes and democratic aspirations will have to be made sustainable by newly- born state institutions.  I have been told that some of these issues raised great interest and opened a fascinating dialogue among the Egyptian, Libyan and Tunisian authorities present here.  I trust that this dialogue served as a ‘forum of excellence’ on electoral administration matters. Moreover, I deeply believe that these interactions underscore two key lessons for all of us: that experience sharing is a powerful way to learn, and that regional networks that allow and promote the continuous sharing of relevant and useful experiences and expertise among peers in the different countries of this region are an effective form of South-South Cooperation.

UNDP has been engaged in promoting such exchanges of experiences among electoral practitioners since the 1980’s all over the world in more than 150 countries. UNDP, as well as other organizations working on electoral cooperation, have supported electoral processes in our sub-region throughout the past year. It is our honor and pleasure to see this week such a wide   array of electoral expertise present in this room. I wish to thank you all for having participated in such an enthusiastic manner and for your commitment to this event.  We will remain engaged in supporting your electoral processes and practices.

On behalf of the United Nations and on behalf of IFES, it is my pleasure to formally close this forum and wish you all the best in your forthcoming efforts as you advance the consolidation of democratic institutions in each of your countries.  

Thank you.

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