UNDP and the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation Celebrate Awarding the Egypt 2010 Human Development Report

May 7, 2014

UNDP and the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation celebrate awarding the Egypt 2010 Human Development Report: “Youth in Egypt  - Building our Future” the UNDP Global Award for Excellence in Human Development.  

UN Resident Representative in Egypt Anita Nirody announced: “I am delighted that the National Human Development Report on Youth in Egypt (2010) was amongst the six outstanding human development reports that received an award for excellence in 2014. This recognition of excellence is testimony to the high quality of analysis, its consultative and participatory approach, engaging young Egyptians in its drafting, and very importantly, its forward looking and evidence based recommendations that are firmly rooted in Egypt’ national priorities and that stand the test of time.”

The main purpose of this celebration is to pay tribute to the authors of the 2010 National Human Development Report on Youth in Egypt for their valued contribution. The upcoming NHDR will be on Social justice and will be led by Dr. Magued Osman and will tackle the current state of human development with focus on social justice.

The 2010 NHDR raised many of the issues called for post the 2011 revolution including breaking the cycle of poverty, fighting corruption, youth’s education and employment and women’s empowerment and youth’s inclusion in the political sphere. As illustrated in this eleventh in the series of National Human Development Reports, a vision of a productive and socially inclusive society is one in which all young Egyptians would feel valued and have the opportunity to participate fully in the life of their society. Achieving this vision means that young Egyptians would have the resources, opportunities and capability to learn well, find work, engage productively in the community, have a voice, afford marriage and be able to establish their own independent households.

The 2010 EHDR addressed most of the issues/problems that were behind the 25 January 2011 and the report suggested solutions for them. One of the main findings of the report was excluding youth from political and civic participation. Youth identified that the main reasons are the present cultural and political environment in Egypt, undermined by the country’s absence of democratic practices and by a security apparatus that was intolerant of any form of dissent.  However, it clearly demonstrated that youth were interested in inclusion.  Youth views were critical of the system and dreamed about what they considered to be better conditions, especially with regard employment, freedoms, voice, good governance, and a new social contract.

For more information and for full details on the report please visit http://www.eg.undp.org/content/dam/egypt/docs/Publications/Docs%20HDRs/02_NHDR%202010%20english.pdf

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