The inauguration of walking and cycling tracks at Shabin Al Koum, Menofia governorate to promote non-motorized transport

Oct 29, 2016

Girls gathered in Shebin Al Kom at the launch of the cycling tracks. Fatma Elzahraa Yassin/UNDP Egypt

Under the auspices of Minister of Environment Dr. Khaled Fahmy, and governor of Monofeya Dr. Hesham Abdel Baset, “Non–motorized Transport Promotion” project has been inaugurated on Saturday October 29th at Shabin Al Koum.

The project is implemented by the Environmental Affairs Agency/Ministry of Environment through the “Sustainable Transport for Egypt" project and in partnership with Monofeya governorate, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Global Environment Facility (GEF), transport and traffic expert engineers in Cairo University, Small Grants Programme and the NGOs in the governorate.

Through the project, a modern infrastructure has been implemented for the non-motorized transport in Shabin Al Koum in addition to a network along six main corridors with a total length of about 14 Km. Along these corridors, separate lanes for cycling were constructed in addition to 270 parking spots which could take up to 2,015 bikes. The project also aims to facilitate purchases of more than 500 bikes through installments without interest for the people in Menofeya in addition to the upgrade of nine workshops to repair bikes. The project has given the opportunity to citizens to use the bikes and tracks which positively impact and preserve the environment.

Head of the Quality Environment sector and the Project National Coordinator Dr. Mona Kamal, has announced that the project’s objective is to promote the non-motorized transport (walking and cycling tracks) which results in reduction of air pollution, vehicles emissions, fuel consumption and traffic congestion in the city.

Dr. Mona has also added that the ministry has implemented several projects, aimed at reducing fuel consumption rates and CO2 emissions from the transport sector, encouraging use of public transportation and non-motorized transport. This mitigates the local environmental problems of increasing traffic such as air pollution which in turn encourages economic transportation investments for people and the country at large. This is achieved through the “Sustainable Transport for Egypt” project funded by UNDP, the GEF, in collaboration with several ministries, governorates and the private sector.

The project has also implemented a comprehensive programme to raise awareness regarding the importance of bikes’ use through conducting several awareness seminars targeting all identity groups especially youth.

UNDP Resident Representative a.i. Mr. El-Mostafa Benlamlih, has commented that UNDP supports sustainable transport as a means to mitigating the negative effects resulting from the extensive use of vehicles which leads to traffic congestion in several developed countries' cities. Accordingly, UNDP supported and promoted the non-motorized transport for its positive impact on reducing co2 and pollutant emissions. He has also expressed his pleasure to see many youth excited, supportive to environment friendly transport and enrolled in this initiative which he hopes to prevail in all Egypt’s governorates.

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