Launch of the Second Edition of the Business Report titled “Expanding Horizons in Development: The Rising Role of the Private Sector”

Feb 7, 2016

The Second Edition of the Business Report titled Expanding Horizons in Development: The Rising Role of the Private Sector” was launched in the UNDP and the American Chamber of Commerce joint conference titled “A Commitment to Development: The Private Sector’s Role in Inclusive Growth”. This report is the outcome of UNDP’s joint collaboration with the Industrial Modernization Center (IMC) together with the contribution of other partners in the production of the report namely the Ford Foundation, CARE International and Mansour Group.

This publication marks the second edition to the pilot UNDP/Ministry of Investment report entitled Business Solutions for Human Development launched in 2007 at the first International CSR Summit jointly organized by UNDP and the American Chamber of Commerce. This second Edition of the report has been prepared by a team of independent authors within the framework of a joint project of collaboration between UNDP and Industrial Modernization Center (IMC), namely the Egyptian Corporate Responsibly Center (ECRC).

The 2016 report does a trend analysis focusing on new forms of private sector engagement in society including: Base of the Pyramid (BOP) business models, social enterprise, supply chain integration, environmental protection and sustainability while also maintaining a strong emphasis on the importance of corporate governance, combating corruption, gender equality, business compliance & promotion of the UN Global Compact principles. The 2016 report demonstrates good practices of business engagement, identifies gaps and proposes some approaches to better include the poor in market economies. The strong policy angle in the report relates much to the way forward for all stakeholders including government, civil society, and private sector and how they can all work in partnership to contribute to the achievement of the newly endorsed SDGs.

Launching event was attended by around 700 participants from private sector, government policy makers, government representatives, international organizations representatives, academia, think tanks, NGOs, public advocates and senior media representatives. Opening session was attended by Minister Ashraf Salman, Minister of Investment and Panel discussion of the report included Minister Ghada Waly, Minister of Social Solidarity. President of Mexico Felipe Calderón (2006-2012) addressed the Luncheon Session and shared his experience as an influential policymaker, both in Mexico and on the world stage by establishing economic reform as a top priority of his administration, Calderón implemented policies that catapulted Mexico into a powerful player in the global economy. The event also included two other sessions on Base of the Pyramid and Social Enterprises and Green Growth.

As mentioned by Ms. Anita Nirody, UNDP Resident Representative in Egypt, in her speech during the event “the business community can further engage in development - as drivers of economic growth, job creation, entrepreneurship, innovation and inclusive business models – and contribute to the advancement of the SDGs and in improving the lives of people in this country”.

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