Poverty Reduction

 A rural man at a site in Upper Egypt where jobs were created by the Egyptian Network for Integrated Development.

A rise in unemployment, particularly among youth and rural populations, combined with a number of economic shocks affecting the tourism industry among others have resulted in a decrease in foreign and domestic investments, remittances, and generally in economic wellbeing for both rural and urban populations.

If the government continues to implement its reform programme, the prospects for 2016 and beyond suggest a steady recovery. Success in stabilizing the economy and boosting growth will be demonstrated by lowering the fiscal deficit while at the same time increasing pro-poor spending, increasing employment especially among the young, enhancing the business environment, and strengthening social justice.


Inclusive Sustainable Growth

 A young woman working on a machine in Upper Egypt.

We promote an integrated approach to achieve sustainable development by tackling multidimensional poverty, inequality and exclusion. UNDP has worked with the Social Fund for Development (SDF) creating short term jobs and meeting the urgent needs of unskilled women and men in the most vulnerable areas.

Work with the SFD also includes building basic infrastructure, refurbishing local health units. UNDP has also pioneered a pilot program of conditional cash transfers in 2006-2007 for 25,000 families (which led to the creation of Takaful wa Karama, Solidarity and Dignity, by the Ministry of Social Solidarity) as well as support for the establishment of Micro, Small, and Medium sized enterprises through programmes of micro-credit and other business development services.

The Office also supports the creation of Micro, Small and Medium sized enterprises through micro-credit, business and skills development services. In 2014, an estimated 178,000 MSMEs benefitted, with 70% of trainees being women. We also monitor and report on poverty, partly through the Egypt Human Development Reports.


Environment Conservation

 Egypt's protected areas are full of treasures and unique creatures.

In terms of natural resources conservation and protection of the environment, through our collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, we have helped establish natural protectorates across the country including Siwa and Wadi Rayan. UNDP also supports the government with the upgrade of the protected areas to become first class eco-tourism sites, and the introduction of a ticketing system to ensure the sustainability of the projects. Around 12 protected areas has been established in partnership with the government nationwide, covering 111,000 square kilometers and created more than 350 jobs in these areas. The approach links conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources to improve the livelihoods of surrounding communities in partnership with national authorities, NGOs and private sector.

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