Our Stories

  • Agricultural Programme Helps Farmers Increase Profits

    “Egyptian farmers are used to planting the same crops year after year, often with diminishing revenues and big losses,” says Eid Emam, founder and head of Hussein Namie farmers’ association at al Zaytouna village in Beni Sweif Governorate.

  • Cleaner is Better

    The “black cloud” is the vernacular term that Egyptians have coined to refer to a recurring problem of air pollution. One significant contributor to air pollution in Egypt is the charcoal industry.

  • Creating Jobs for Youth

    Youth unemployment continues to be a severe problem in Egypt, which has been exacerbated since the January 2011 revolution.

  • Egypt on the road to lower emissions with the Sustainable Transport Project

    It can be hard to slow down in Egypt these days. The country’s population is skyrocketing—reaching 90 million this December, with some 9 million in Cairo alone. With the jump in people has come a jump in automobiles—there are some 2.5 million cars speeding along Cairo’s streets, a number that is increasing every day.

  • Egyptian Women Find a Creative Solution to the Challenging Energy Problem

    Finding cost-effective, renewable and sustainable alternative energy sources, beside the main available resources in Egypt; oil, natural gas and hydropower― has always been deemed as a failure and unmaintainable.

  • Empowering Women through Handicrafts: The role of ENID in Upper Egypt

    Marwa, like many girls in her poor rural village in Upper Egypt, only received a basic level of education and then she had to drop out of school.

  • Empowering Young Women in Upper Egypt: ENID’s work in Qena

    Saaeda Atta Ahmed thought her destiny was set in stone as a young women living in a poor rural village of Upper Egypt. But with education and training provided by UNDP, she now envisions a different future.

  • From Helpless to Fruitful

    At age 42, a man's age of peak productivity, Fatma's father lost his left arm, left eye, right thumb and almost his right eye too when he tripped on a landmine left from World War II. As a result, his life got drastically messed up especially with nine children.

  • From Victims to Activists

    Mines and explosive remnants of war contaminate a huge portion of Egypt’s Western Desert, affecting an area of about 2,680 square kilometres stretching from Alexandria to the Libyan border and 30 kilometres deep from the Mediterranean coastline.

  • Governance Assessments Give Citizens a Voice

    Despite relatively limited resources, authorities in Egypt have recurrently allocated significant portions of state budget to local service delivery projects.