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Innovation for Development

Innovation is essential in addressing the development challenges that Egypt faces. These include high poverty rates, particularly in rural areas, as well as limited access to basic goods and services such as quality healthcare, education, food, and energy. Egypt is also experiencing a youth bulge, combined with high unemployment rates (particularly among youth and women), with women’s unemployment rate double that of men’s. In addition, market needs and education aren’t aligned, with 22% of the population virtually illiterate, and a high drop-out rate from secondary education. Women and girls have less access to education than their male counterparts, and university graduates find it difficult to match their skills to employers’ needs. Therefore, creative use of innovation and technology are central in the policies and strategy to improve development outcomes.

Our Goals

UNDP works on providing innovative solutions with the aim of supporting youth and empowering local communities. The programme focuses particularly on alleviating poverty, enhancing education, fostering employment and entrepreneurship and gender equality. Innovation for development is central to UNDP’s work and mandate, and an effective instrument for attaining the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).more

Innovation for Development

Youth gathered to co-design their own innovative solutions to tackle key pressing development issues.more

Our Stories

Participants at the first Freelance summit in Egypt
UNDP & Microsoft Egypt partners in the first Freelancing Summit in Egypt

On 28 June 2015, Microsoft Egypt and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) held the first freelancing summit in Egypt; “FreelanceME Summit’15". This summit acts asmore 

The workshop participants developing prototypes to help persons with disabilities overcome their challenges. UNDP/Mohamed Lotfy
Designing an integrated living with Persons with Disabilities

Imagine a person with a certain disability trying to enter buildings in Cairo, ride a train, go on a 50 centimeter pavement that is completely inaccessiblemore 

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Projects and Initiatives

  • ICT for Women in Nuba- Integrated Rural Development Programme

    After the success of using ICT in “Integrated Program to develop Siwa” project, Egypt Information and Communication Technology Trust Fund (ICT-TF) has launched “ICT for Nuba”.more 

  • South South Development Academy

    he South-South Development Academy Egypt (SSDA) was established in 2014 as a chapter of the Global South-South Development Academy to share the development experiences of countries of the South, based on common interests and provide shared platforms of learning and knowledge-exchange among those facing similar development challenges. more 

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