Democratic Governance

In 2011, UNDP used its impartiality, access to other country experiences and convening power to support Egypt’s transition period by the first post-revolution national dialogue initiative, conducting a national forum on democratic transition (where more than a thousand Egyptian stakeholders benefited from the experiences of senior leaders from other transition countries) and an international forum on pathways for women in democratic transitions in order to mitigate setbacks in women’s rights. Also, in support of the first parliamentary and presidential elections in the transition period, UNDP mobilized US$ 11 million and international and national electoral expertise, which was used to strengthen the technical and operational capacity of the electoral authorities; enhance voter participation; and strengthen credibility of the results.

UNDP pioneered several initiatives to promote the culture of human rights, protect the rights of the girl child and to break the silence on the practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), support the National Council for Human Rights and the National Council for Women and contributed to increasing legal access of the poor, especially women. UNDP was also successful in putting decentralization on the national agenda and helped provide a national platform for an extensive dialogue on corruption issues.take an in-depth look

Democratic Governance: An Overview

On the 25th of January 2011, the Egyptian people took to the streets with clear demands for "Bread, freedom, social justice and human dignity". This important achievement comes as a result of prolonged struggle for democracy that was at its highest intensity as the people took to the streets on that day. Since then, dramatic and continuously changing political, economic and social dynamics provide Egypt and its development partners with new development opportunities and challenges. Along with the rest of the UN development system, UNDP is responding to the new needs Egyptian citizens face as they work to build a new Egypt that fulfils their demands for “bread, freedom and social justice”.Find out more

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  • Strategic Development Plan for Greater Cairo Region 2050

    Given the importance of the region as the urban, political, social and economic capital of Egypt and one of the largest urban agglomerations in the world, the project's main objective is to develop a vision for Cairo till 2050 using a participatory approach.more 

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