Inspiring Social Change: Towards Active Participation

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Egyptian youth sparked the SCC’s Constitution Awareness Campaign through the Centre’s Youth Outreach Program team

The Social Contract Centre (SCC) has frequently been asked what inspires social change in Egypt after the 25th of January Revolution. What has impact on policy making? What really motivates us to do social good? The answer has always been: active participation.


Egyptian youth sparked the SCC’s Constitution Awareness Campaign through the Centre’s Youth Outreach Program team, who were enthusiastic about the importance of the public participation of the constitution drafting process.


The Social Contract Centre, with the support of UNDP, launched the Constitution awareness-raising campaign targeting citizens with the aim of creating a constitutional rights and duties culture at different levels. In addition, the campaign aims to introduce definitions pertaining to the rights and duties of both the citizen and state and guarantee a minimum level of commitment and effective participation in the constitution making process.


To achieve the initiative’s goals, the Social Contract Centre produced 15 educational video and audio clips in partnership with Qabila Team, and launched an extensive media campaign to introduce the basic concepts of constitutions. These educational videos were highlighted in Al Jazeera Channel as the number one watched videos on YouTube in Egypt. In addition, the videos were aired for free on different Egyptian satellite channels as part of different media outlets’ social responsibility programmes.


SCC is also currently working on identifying and mapping current efforts of civil society organizations in the field of political awareness-raising with regards to the constitution, in addition to networking and coordination among these efforts to ensure all target groups have access to the appropriate material.


The Social Contract Center is currently holding a series of 90 ‘training of trainers’ workshops across all Egyptian governorates to implement the "Constitution Awareness Raising Training: For Better Understanding of the Constitution". SCC’s target is to train at least 6,000 trainers in all governorates.


In addition, the Social Contract Center is organizing a series of experts and opinion leaders' workshops under the title of "Constitutional Dialogue" where the draft articles of the Constitution are discussed and suggestions for amendments are proposed to the Nominated Constitution Assembly.
“We always believe that change in Egypt could happen because we are motivated by the core values of a New Social Contract and its impact on the Egyptian social life, however, for the change to happen, people   needs the inspiration to act and we, at SCC, believe that we provided the spark for the start." says Dr. Sahar El Twaila, SCC Director.

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