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  • Cleaner is Better

    The “black cloud” is the vernacular term that Egyptians have coined to refer to a recurring problem of air pollution. One significant contributor to air pollution in Egypt is the charcoal industry.

  • From Helpless to Fruitful

    At age 42, a man's age of peak productivity, Fatma's father lost his left arm, left eye, right thumb and almost his right eye too when he tripped on a landmine left from World War II. As a result, his life got drastically messed up especially with nine children.

  • From Victims to Activists

    Mines and explosive remnants of war contaminate a huge portion of Egypt’s Western Desert, affecting an area of about 2,680 square kilometres stretching from Alexandria to the Libyan border and 30 kilometres deep from the Mediterranean coastline.

  • Landmine victims or agents of change: The story of an empowered woman

    After her husband’s landmine accident 20 years ago, Haja Najia’s life changed dramatically. At the age of 56, Haja Najia is the main bread winner of a 10-person family.

  • Save energy…Save money

    If you know there is a solution to save energy and save money, would you do it? The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is addressing the energy sector challenges to support the development process.

  • The Curse of the Sands

    In an area 100 kilometer west of Alexandria in northern Egypt lies the famous region of el-Alamein – scene of a mighty battle between the UK and its allies fighting German and Italian forces for control of North Africa in 1942.

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