One thousand days of action for the MDGs | Selim Jahan

25 Jan 2013

Woman weaving in Cambodia In Cambodia, the MAF supports the creation of Women’s Development Centres. Photo: UNDP in Cambodia

Many countries have made impressive strides towards achieving the MDGs. With over 400 national MDG reports already completed, progress is being closely monitored and used to guide improved policies. The target of reducing extreme poverty by half was reached five years ahead of the deadline.  About 14,000 fewer children died every day in 2011 compared to 1990.

However, given that current projections indicate that in 2015 almost one billion people will be living on an income of less than $1.25 per day, there is urgent need to prioritize MDG achievement and reflect on lessons that can inform the post-2015 discussions.

One of the key lessons learned is that nationally owned, multi-stakeholder action plans improve the rate of MDG progress. Building on UNDP’s global experience, we developed the MDG Acceleration Framework (MAF) in close collaboration with national partners and UN country teams.  The MAF is a flexible, yet systematic process of identifying and analyzing bottlenecks and targeting high-impact, transformational solutions.  

The MAF has been an incredible success worldwide leading to concrete action plans for implementation. From an initial ten countries piloting the MAF in 2010, we are now working with 46 countries, and the number keeps growing. In Colombia, the MAF was applied at the subnational level across 76 territories, enabling local governments to partner with the private sector to implement regional MDG plans in the poorest, most disadvantaged communities.

In Cambodia, the MAF supports the creation of Women’s Development Centres and business incubators focusing on women’s economic empowerment. Ghana’s action plan aims to improve maternal health and helps ensure the provision of free transportation of pregnant women to health facilities.

The adoption of the MDGs represented the global conviction that human deprivation can be alleviated through a coordinated and sustained global effort.   With less than 1000 days to the 2015 benchmark, our focus is to support and accelerate the final push towards the MDGs in as many countries as possible, maintaining the hope and focus on advancing human development beyond 2015.

Talk to us: How do you think your country can accelerate progress towards the MDGs?

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