Support to Pension Fund and Fiscal Policy Reform

What is the Project About:

UNDP cooperates with the Ministry of Finance (MOF) in supporting the following areas:

  • Social Insurance system modernization and automation of procedures.
  • Monitoring the Public Private Partnerships (PPP) approach to government investment projects.
  • Support the Macro-Fiscal Policy Unit which provides technical advice to the Minister in formulating/amending policies. The Unit is a leader in transparency, publishing monthly statistical reports and results of its research and analysis; thus building trust and confidence among the donor community and international investors.

What have we accomplished so far?

  • The first “Strategic Planning Forum” was organized during 2015 to develop MOF’s vision and strategic goals.
  • Public Private Partnerships projects were promoted in several regional and international conferences and summits.
  • Monthly memos covering main macroeconomic and fiscal updates, pension law, and global economic development were prepared.
  • Internal Audit roadmap and information technology unit’s mandate are being developed.
  • Payroll automation studies have been conducted and are being reviewed.

Who finances this project?

Ministry of Finance (MOF)

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Sub header

$2,807,881 (July 2009-Dec 2011)

$1,102,329 (Budget Extension 2015-2016)

Delivery in previous fiscal year

$497,196.31 (2015)

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