Support to the Egyptian Protected Areas (SEPA)

What is this project about?

 UNDP 2015

The project is a natural evolution of the Egyptian-Italian Environmental Cooperation Programme (EIECP). In this framework, it will contribute to guarantee the sustainability of the activities undertaken to enhance the system of the Protected Areas of Egypt, in preparation of the third forthcoming phase of the EIECP and through complementary and synergic actions to the UNDP-GEF project "Strengthening Protected Areas' financing and management systems.

The intervention carries out its activities in Siwa Protected Area, Wadi El Rayan Protected Area, and Wadi El Gamal National Park.

The project will further strengthen the Management Units of the targeted Protected Areas (PAMUs), develop sustainable tourism, as well as contribute to the promotion of world-class parks, which can enhance the conservation of both the natural and cultural heritage, from one side, and act as a propulsive instrument for the socio-economic sustainable development of the local communities, from the other.

What have we accomplished so far?

  • Enhancing the archaeological and cultural heritage in WGNP and Eastern Desert for the promotion of sustainable tourism through: mapping the roman sites in the area and in coordination with the Supreme Council of Antiquities.
  • Marking boundaries through permanent landmarks and signpost at all protected areas.
  • Upgrading the Management Units of the targeted Protected Areas Headquarters of Wadi Gamal National Park (WGNP) in Wadi El Gemal and Hamata. Stone signs and panels are completed.
  • Safeguarding the natural resources by protecting the area around the site of Midawwara.     
  • 7 training programmes were implemented for around 150 protected areas staff. The topics included financial and administrative affairs, visitor management, professional photography, environmental impact assessment.
  • Supporting local communities through displaying their local products, improving their packaging and participating at various events and exhibitions.
  • Producing a set of information, communication and outreach tools (i.e. brochures, maps or leaflets in several languages, DVDs, guides or information factsheets accessible via the internet, workshops, etc.) and identifying specific techniques to educate tourists about recreation opportunities and resource management issues.
  • Promoting cleaning campaigns and environmental awareness.

Who finances this project?

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Egyptian Italian Environmental Cooperation Programme, Debt Swap Programme

Delivery in previous fiscal year

$ 640,990.33 (2014)


  • The aim of the project is to ensure the biodiversity and nature conservation by establishing a sustainable protected area financing and management system in Egypt.
  • Among the 5 targeted Protected Areas’, Wadi Rayan will be considered as a model for the successful development and management of other PAs.
  • Siwa Protected Area needs to be supported in terms of effective management and conservation.
  • Wadi Gamal National Park, declared as a Protected Area in January 2003, has different potential revenue generating scenario, which will be developed by the GEF-UNDP Project.

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