Volun -Tourism

What is this project about?

Create one portal for tourists coming to Egypt and willing to volunteer in one of the NGOs projects. This portal will link all the stakeholders involved in this project: NGOs, tourism companies, and Volunteers.

1.      This portal will offer the possibility to the NGOs looking for foreign volunteers to upload their volunteering offers on the platform in one side, and to the tourist agencies to upload their Volun-tourism offers also.

2.      This portal will be a reference in term of “the different ways for a foreigner to contribute in an Egyptian NGO”. The portal will gather all the opportunities to work in relation with NGOs, from 1 day contribution during a classic touristic tour in Egypt, to 6 months contribution working full time in a NGO.

3.      The volunteer will select the areas he wants to contribute to, how long time he would like to contribute, and the website will offer him a list of opportunities that match his criteria.

What have we accomplished so far?


The portal has been developed

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Poverty Reduction
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Maria Tarancon