Social Fund for Development – Phase IV

What is this project about?

The project is an extension of ongoing cooperation between the Social Fund for Development (SFD) with the aim of strengthening the capacities of SFD in order to:

  • Enhance institutional and operational efficiency
  • Improve planning, monitoring and evaluation for development results
  • Increase access to improved financial and non-financial services for SMEs
  • Improve methodologies and business processes targeting human and community development interventions to become more sustainable and aligned with the local environment

This phase will allow for further strengthening of SFD’s capacity to become an effective agent for inclusive development in Egypt, and in turn, enhancing SFD’s position to become amongst the first tier of national development agencies operating in middle-income countries.

What have we accomplished so far?

  • In 2013, SFD also supported 12,469 small enterprises (25% female-owned) creating an estimate of 38,702 jobs and around 174,256 microenterprises (44% female-owned) creating an estimate of 191,681 jobs.
  • 18 non-financial Services specialists working with SFD have been trained in regional offices, 376 entrepreneurs trained on how to run entrepreneurship programs & training programs for 62 NGOs were conducted on non-financial services.
  • In 2013 UNDP collaborated with SFD to update the Poverty Map of 2006 for a more effective identification and prioritization of poor governorates and districts.

Who finances this project?

Government of Egypt


Delivery in previous fiscal year


US$ 29,256,894.53

Project Overview
Project Start Date:
Estimated End Date:
Geographic Coverage:
Focus Area:
Poverty Reduction
Project Officer:
Nahla Zeitoun
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