Strategic Interventions to Combat Violence against Women

What is the Project About:

 Youth Innovation camps gathering; a new tool to address development challenges including violence against women.

The project aims to support the National Council for Women (NCW) to combat violence against women (VAW) in Egypt. Through the project, UNDP will work with the state and government institutions, namely, the National Council for Women (NCW), Ministries of Interior and Justice in addition to UN Women and UNFPA as well as relevant NGOs. The project will help raise awareness on VAW through media, develop innovative tools and applications to support societal engagement and to connect the various stakeholders to further law enforcement.

The project works along three main pillars:

  1. Enhanced awareness of selected governmental institutions including security and legal systems to better address VAW; through a number of study tours involving police officers and relevant personnel in Ministries of Interior and Justice, to enhance the participants’ exposure to best practices from countries with significant accomplishments in fighting VAW.

  2. Improved national capacity in communicating messages against VAW; that will help increase societal awareness about VAW practices, and how they, apart from causing physical and psychological suffering for the victims, pose a major obstacle to women’s empowerment, undermining their active participation in the society in general.
  3. Strengthened national mechanisms/systems for combatting VAW.

A series of innovation camps started and will continue to be held to further explore and study VAW, targeting youth aged between 18 and 30 of both genders as participants. The camps will address topics such as; ‘Reporting on VAW’ and identifying root causes behind the lack of awareness and under-reporting on VAW; ‘Responding to VAW’ from the legal and security forces to VAW-related incidents; ‘Channeling Men and Boys as Societal Champions’ and engaging men and boys to prevent VAW.

Furthermore, the project will aid in strengthening the legal complaint mechanism of the NCW Ombudsman’s Office as a part of its strategic intervention in strengthening the national mechanisms.

Who finances this project?

United Nations Development Programme

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