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What is the project about?

In partnership with the National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) and Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), the project aims to build the formulation of regulatory strategies that promote and seek to ensure equal access to various ICT based services, which in turn has spillover effects in strengthening equal and equitable access to telecommunication services for the Egyptian society. This project will serve as a mechanism to foster and improve the Egyptian telecom sector and to strengthen the correlation between the market cornerstones and bridge the existing bridge divide.

What have we accomplished so far?

  • Telecom Market Restructure: NTRA capabilities have been enhanced as a sole telecommunication competition authority in Egypt, supporting market entrance by imposing access obligations to incumbent operators and simplifying the licensing framework.
  • Regulatory Authority Enforcement Programme: Due to persistent and rapid changes in the communications sector, it became  key for national telecommunication regulatory authorities to have adequate legal authority and experience domestically to enforce their laws, rules and regulations on telecommunications.
  • Improvement of the Telecom Services in Egypt: Certain standards are set to maintain and develop the telecom sector, NTRA is seeking to retain and improve a regulatory environment that foster equal and affordable access to telecom services. Meanwhile NTRA is keen to build the awareness of the consumer and make him aware of his rights.
  • Telecom (Network) Security: The Internet, and therefore the telecommunications networks on which it relies on, are critical infrastructures for today’s society. The more we as a society depend on those networks the more fundamental we perceive any security threats to them. Telecommunications networks enable and link other critical infrastructures, so any potential vulnerabilities impact whole economic systems. Network security and critical infrastructure protection aspects must be at the center of any IT and telecommunications policy debate
  • Organizational Transformation: Transforming the organization refers to any significant change made to an organization such as, restructuring an organization or reengineering an organization and/or there is a significant change in the way business is done.
  • Building Bridges Internationally and Regionally: Technology is now working much faster than human relations & connection, therefore we have to be driven forth to meet with this new revolution in technology and that can be only achieved through interaction, bilateral and multilateral agreements, close cooperation and conferences.

Who finances this project?

Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT)

Delivery in previous fiscal year

$179,993 (2014)

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