Using ICT for Comprehensive Community Development

What is the project about?

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This Egypt ICT Trust Fund project entitled “ICT for Comprehensive Community Development (ICT4CCD)” aims to strengthen the impacts of the comprehensive development on citizens’ lives using ICTs. The project supports the national plan through achieving two main outcomes:

1)      Local economic development in Egypt is strengthened.

2)      Active Citizenship and social communities are empowered.

ICT4CCD adapts four main objectives to foster the comprehensive development process in Egypt:

I - Enhance the growth of SMEs & social Entrepreneurs and build the capacities of youth: to support the creation of a healthy competitive business environment for micro, small and medium enterprises (M/SME), encourage social entrepreneurships, and increase jobs and incomes using ICT solutions.

II- Provide Integrated health, education, and community development and environment services to urban and rural communities: to build a knowledge society for the prosperity and well-being of Egyptian citizens using ICTs.

III- Create private sector employment opportunities for youth: to foster Income Generation through increasing self-employment and private sector’s employability opportunities for youth.

IV- Build Partnerships for Best Practices: to establish partnerships with the private sector, fostering existing partnerships with developmental institutions, and promoting South-South cooperation, with a special focus on collaboration with African nations as well as Middle East countries.

Who finances this project?


Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT)

Delivery in previous fiscal year


US$ 2,159,800

Expected Achievements

  • 1500 SMEs trained on IT and business skills yearly.
  • 3 toolkits and 9 courses developed for SME’s capacity development.
  • 7 doctors in rural areas trained on using telemedicine solutions to treat and advise patients.
  • 80 public Schools modernized using ICT yearly.
  • Mobile IT Clubs visited 20 governorates providing internet access and training.
  • Developed new specialized community development portals
  • Awareness seminars for parents on Internet safety.
  • New cooperation agreements with regional and international organizations on Green ICT.
  • Developed an expert system on agriculture knowledge management.
  • Initiated South-South agreements initiated for knowledge sharing of best practices and ICT solutions are replicated on other regional countries.

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