Abandonement of Female Genital Mutilation & Empowering Families

What is this project about?

UNDP 2013

The Joint Programme builds on the various successes of the first phase “FGM-Free Village Model” and works in an integrated fashion bringing all of the relevant UN Agencies and relevant government counterparts to work together towards a national strategy to combat FGM coupled with a strong family empowerment package to empower families socially and economically. The family rights package addresses economic empowerment, early childhood development, socio-cultural family rights counseling package, domestic violence and violence against children package, in addition to an advocacy component to maintain family rights and FGM on the agenda of decision makers and media personnel on both local and national levels.

What have we accomplished so far?

  • An important achievement of the first phase of the FGM project was the passing of the law criminalizing FGM in June 2008. The programme helped break the silence and succeeded in mobilizing various segments of the Egyptian society and in establishing a network of citizens who are willing to combat FGM. It succeeded in developing the capacities of media personnel (TV, Radio, Press, Internet), to play a supporting role in disseminating messages against FGM, which successfully stimulated a national debate on the issue. Anti-FGM voices were mobilized on the ground and they urged others in their communities to denounce the practice. This was done in partnership with line ministries like the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, Al-Azhar University, Dar el Ifta and Ministry of Awkaf, all of which made efforts towards integrating anti-FGM in their programs and curricula.
  • 70 villages were declared FGM-free since the start of the old phase of the project in 2003
  • Training courses were conducted for El Kasr El Ainy house officers on FGM detriments from a comprehensive perspective
  • Training of Doctors and Step Down Pre-Service for Doctors and Nurses were conducted
  • An anti-FGM medical curriculum was printed and an Anti-FGM Manual for Doctors was launched and is being mainstreamed by the Ministry of Health
  • An Anti-FGM media TV campaign was launched
  • A Family Empowerment Forum was launched and a work plan developed for the implementation of training programs for community, media and religious leaders in a number of governorates. 
  • Printing of promotional materials and billboards with anti-FGM messages took place
  • A Family Rights Declaration was developed in collaboration with civil society, the media and religious organizations and was adopted by Al Azhar
  • The joint programme worked extensively with the media and religious institutions to counter conservative messages against the denouncing of FGM and the attack on the FGM Law. This was done through a strong media campaign on all major talk shows and key newspapers. Activities also included the organizations of media events to emphasize the detriments of FGM and highlight the Family Rights declaration developed by the project in collaboration with civil society. Lawyers were mobilized to defend the Anti-FGM law which resulted in a court verdict validating the law.
  • Celebration of the FGM Zero Tolerance Day took place in February 2013 for the first time in Egypt
  • A Communication Strategy for Family Empowerment was launched
  • The dialogue on FGM abandonment and family rights maintained at governorate level (10 governorates in Lower and Upper Egypt) through 20 Focal NGOs that implemented a local advocacy component and a service component on FGM and Family Rights.
  • A Book on Progressive Legislations and Interpretations of Women's Rights in Islam was finalized and revised in collaboration with renowned Azhar Scholars and UNWOMEN to be launched early 2014.
  • A 5 year national framework for FGM abandonment is being finalized combining the efforts of all national and international partners.

Who finances this project?

The European Union (EU), Netherlands, GIZ, UNFPA, UNWOMEN, UNICEF and UNDP

Delivery in previous fiscal year

US$ 935,915

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Project Overview
Project start date:
Estimated end date:
Geographic coverage:
15 governorates in addition to Cairo since the project also works at the central level with ministries, governmental institutions and coalitions of NGOs
Focus Area:
Democratic Governance
Goal 3- Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women
Project Officer:
Heba Wafa
National Population Council (Ministry of Health)