Technical Support to the Ministry of Local Development in Support to the Local Development

What is this project about?

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UNDP, in partnership with the United Nations Capital development Fund (UNCDF), provides technical support to enable the Ministry of Local Development (MoLD) and its Local Administration Reform Unit (LARU) perform its core functions and operate as the central entity to guide the decentralization reform and the development of a “National Decentralization Strategy”. Following the 25th January 2011 Revolution and during Egypt’s transition period, the project will focus on Local Development, making a shift towards Local Economic Development (LED), through the introduction of the system, tools and capacities at the Governorate and Markaz levels for the promotion of LED and employment generation where local authorities would play a pivotal role. This will also improve the ability of local governments to play a coordination and facilitation role of LED promotion actions by a range of other actors to ensure coherence and consolidation of efforts towards viable LED objectives. It is anticipated that this shift will enable the MoLD respond to the challenges – particularly the emerging socio economic needs – as well as to the priorities Egypt is facing during this transition period in a better and more targeted manner. Furthermore, UNDP repositioned the project to address and support MoLD in Local Economic Development (LED), the establishment of the Local Development Observatory, and policy support on constitutional and local administration law reform.

What have we accomplished so far?

  • Installation of a ministry wide IT network linking all the ministry’s buildings, and setting up a state of the art Data Center in the ministry to host all the developed software.  Delivery of 345 computers to different local units across the country.
  • Completed the development of the National Local Development Information Management System (RABET), which includes 250 indicators covering different sectors and projects. The data of three sectors (Agriculture, Youth, and Culture) have been collected, added on the system and reported. Training courses have been conducted to build local capacities on operating RABET system.
  • Developed an M&E Strategy for the Ministry and its affiliate organizations, including logframes and data collection tools, and development of a results-based M&E system for the Local Development Projects. Tailored training courses were designed and delivered to trainees at the central and local levels.
  • Activated Local Economic Development (LED) process at Fayoum and Sohag governorates; formed well-oriented and capacitated local LED teams; identified a list of local experts/consultants per economic sector at each governorate and launched a series of LED forums. In Fayoum, a comprehensive LED strategy was developed and was fully adopted by the Governorate.
  • Conducted a local governance assessment of the Local Development Sector (local roads and transportation, street lighting, and environmental improvement) in Fayoum governorate.  The assessment included a household satisfaction survey of local services and governance as well as the opinion of local employees, elected councils, executive councils, NGOs and private sector. Another study was also conducted for gender mainstreaming in local governance assessments, which was funded by UN women.
  • Designed and implemented training programs to raise the capacity of local executives in governorates on local planning and financial decentralization, as well as on social accountability and the role of different stakeholders (government, citizens and civil society) in fighting corruption. Training workshops were held in Sharkia, Fayoum and Ismailia.
  • Created a partnership with the Social Fund for Development to identify labor intensive Public Works projects in Fayoum and Sohag governorates that have high economic impact.
  • Developed a policy document on Regional Planning in Egypt in full partnership with the Ministry of Planning, General Organization of Physical Planning (Ministry of Housing), and the UN Habitat.

Who finances this project?

  • Government of Egypt
  •  UNDP

Delivery in previous fiscal year

USD$ 1,389,239.00


  • Developed and installed a IT network linking all the units of the Ministry of Local Development and provided IT trainings accordingly
  • Completed the development of the National Local Development Information Management System (RABET), and databases for agriculture, youth, and culture sectors were established through the system.
  • Activated Local Economic Development (LED) process at Fayoum and Sohag governorates
  • Developed the Local Development Observatory to monitor performance at the local level, and conducted a local governance assessment in Fayoum governorate
  • Partnered with the Social Fund for Development in the UNDP project “Employment Creation in Innovative Public Work programs”.

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