International Forum on Pathways to Democratic Transitions Report

05 Jun 2011

Report Summary

Women and men across the Arab region have issued a resounding call for change. Youth have voiced their aspirations for a say in the decisions that affect their lives. People of all walks of life have come together to demand full and free participation in the decisions that will affect the future trajectory of their countries and societies. And for the first time in the region, several countries have taken significant steps along their own paths to democratic governance. As they take these steps the Arab countries may recognize the footprints of other societies that have embarked upon similar journeys. Over recent decades countries in all regions of the world have dealt with similar challenges and embraced similar opportunities within the contexts of their own transitions towards more inclusive and accountable political and economic systems. Though each of these processes has been unique, each also brings with it powerful lessons on the complex nature of transition, reform and transformation which can be of great benefit to stakeholders across the region.


  • In June 2011 UNDP and the Government of Egypt convened government and civil society stakeholders from the Arab region to exchange experiences with leaders from around the developing world who have faced first-hand the challenges of transition or reform which the Arab countries are grappling with at this very moment.
  • Entitled the International Forum on Pathways of Democratic Transitions: International Experiences, Lessons Learnt and the Road Ahead, the 2-day forum allowed representatives from Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia to learn about the critical decisions and challenges faced by leaders of the democratization processes of such diverse countries as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Indonesia, Mexico and South Africa.

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