A recipe for sustainable development

26 Jan 2016 by Joan, Josep and Jordi Roca, UNDP Goodwill Ambassadors

Roca brothers visit marketThe Roca Brothers have a walk at the food market in New York to look at the local food products. Photo: Freya Morales/UNDP
Food has always been a central part of our lives: the food in our parents’ restaurant where we grew up; food as an element of creativity, emotion, dialogue and discovery in our work. Food is an important part of our heart and soul. Over the years, we realized that how people experience food, cook, and preserve culinary traditions have a direct impact on the fundamental areas of life. What we eat affects our health, our economy, and our planet. When we learned about the 17 new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we wanted to be a part of this ambitious undertaking. Viewing food from the three perspectives of sustainable development – social, economic and environmental – helps us understand many of the challenges we have encountered in our culinary journey around the world. So we are excited to embark on a new journey together with the UNDP and the Sustainable Development Goals Fund (SDG Fund). We are highly concerned about the loss of food biodiversity in the world, the abandonment of indigenous cultures, and forgotten culinary traditions, all of which can lead to poverty and exclusion. We are concerned that, increasingly, more communities cannot choose what food to grow and how to … Read more

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