Let’s make 2015 a turning point for youth participation

27 May 2015 by Noella Richard, Youth Policy Specialist, Bureau for Policy and Programme Support, UNDP

2015 has a special significance for all of us. We look beyond the Millennium Development Goals and feel increasingly excited about the bold, ambitious and inclusive development agenda that is shaping up. It is vital to ensure that 2015 is also a turning point for youth participation. Youth are eager and ready to contribute. Youth not only expect to have a say in defining the sustainable development priorities for the next 15 years, but they also want to be seen as equal partners in the implementation and monitoring of this agenda. It is no secret that young people remain largely excluded from political, civic, economic and social processes at all levels. At UNDP, our Youth Strategy for 2014-2017 outlines a vision for engaging and empowering youth in governance, in jobs and livelihoods, and in strengthening their communities and societies. That work includes promoting youth political participation and young women in decision-making, advocating for youth-led monitoring and accountability and strengthening the capacities of youth organizations and networks of young social innovators. And we want to make this programming more coherent and sustainable, and to open more doors for youth to get involved with our work, propose solutions, share experiences, participate in our … Read more

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